The best multi-use waterfront redevelopment combines leisure, recreation and entertainment with a high quality of public space and a sense of liveliness for all ages.

Our Projects

Downtown Revisioning for Burlington, NJ

Skye Consulting has been hired to help local government revision the downtown waterfront in historic Burlington, New Jersey.

A panorama of traditional and contemporary visual arts will provide the theme of this arts-based community revival project seeking to strengthen and diversify the city’s economic composition.

Burlington's assets include two NJTransit light rail stations, a thriving main street, a long-established historic district, walkable neighborhoods and a stunning waterfront area on the Delaware River.

Skye Consulting's development concept calls for new architectural and landscape designs along the waterfront including an outdoor performing stage along the Delaware River, visitor seating areas, improved pedestrian walking paths and introduction of nearby eateries to support a mix of arts retailers, festivals and craft fairs, open-air markets and concerts, and an inner sculpture courtyard featuring public sculptures, murals and other unique art installations.

Skye Consulting outlined the transformation with a phased approach implementing recommendations contained in the City of Burlington 2010 Master Plan and a comprehensive parking study.

Phase One introduces new market-rate housing apartment buildings downtown, along with additional parking structures to accommodate new residents and visitors.

Phase Two utilizes the city’s Delaware River and Assiscunk Creek waterfronts and Burlington Island as economic development anchors.

Phase Three integrates Burlington's extensive network of historic/heritage sites and groups with the local arts community to create top-quality destination events focused on visual and performing arts.

The result: Burlington’s downtown and waterfront areas will achieve added value as local amenities and regional destinations with vibrant shopping, dining, culture and entertainment offerings.