In the 21st century, a city without a strong base of cultural institutions cannot hope to form or attract or retain a talent pool of workers.

Our Projects

The Rahway Arts District

The Rahway Arts District.

Our most visible current success is the prominent role we’ve played in creating the new Rahway Arts District that has received national attention, national investment and national imitation. Rahway’s re-development has been cited by the National Endowment for the Arts as representing a “national model for how small cities can... >> READ MORE

Burlington, NJ

Downtown Revisioning for Burlington, NJ.

Skye Consulting has been hired to help local government revision the downtown waterfront in historic Burlington, New Jersey. A panorama of traditional and contemporary visual arts will provide the theme of this arts-based community revival project seeking to strengthen and diversify the city’s economic composition. Burlington's assets... >> READ MORE

Bound Brook

Economic Revitalization of Bound Brook, NJ.

Skye Consulting has been hired to provide economic revitalization strategies for Bound Brook, New Jersey, a Somerset County community with numerous historic homes, a Revolutionary War battle site and the Delaware and Raritan Canal.Plans include developing a downtown arts district highlighting the area’s multi-national Hispanic business and... >> READ MORE

Water Technology

Water Technology for the Future.

James Kennedy has served as a panelist at World Water Forum conferences in Mexico, France and Turkey and works closely with WorldWater & Solar Technologies of Princeton, NJ, a leader in providing alternative energy, clean water and irrigation solutions to a wide variety of customers. As a member and two-term chair of the Union County Utilities Authority... >> READ MORE

Transfit Oriented Development

Showing the Way Forward with Transit-Oriented Development.

How do you get new people to live in your town? According to Skye Consulting’s James Kennedy, you have to find an easy, enjoyable way for them to get there. Kennedy is a strong advocate for the growth of TOD — Transit-Oriented Development — and its use in reshaping and revitalizing... >> READ MORE