The ideal urban revitalization model incorporates 4 core elements — Confluence, Synergy, Accessibility, Adaptability. Very likely, your community has these elements in piecemeal… will you take the time to put them together?

Our Services

Established in 2006, Skye Consulting provides a wide range of research, planning and development services customized for your objectives. In the area of Government and Legislative Relations, we are a registered lobbyist in the State of New Jersey.

Business and Governmental Management Services

  • Needs-and-capabilities analysis
  • Strategic project planning and project management
  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning
  • Marketing and public relations design and implementation
  • Visioning and implementation of cultural arts initiatives

Why use a consultant like Skye?

By hiring a small, experienced consulting team to develop a program, organize a special event or manage a specific project, you save staff and budget resources that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Skye Consulting presents you with a detailed scope of work outlining project timelines, deliverables and methodology. We work within your budget to complete the project.

We work until you’ve succeeded.